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Install Preperation BlogrCart Templates

This is a tutorial on how to install a custom Blogger template the "ideal way" in order & making sure the new template installation works accordingly. We recommend to install using this tutorial as it fits best with our custom e-commerce featured plug-in with shopping cart pre-installed for our BlogrCart Blogger template collection.

Step 1

Create a Blog Account
Use a meaningful but unique name for your Blogger store instead of TEST 1, MY TEST SHOP, SHOP ONLINE to show off your own branding for your store. Select "Simple" template from Blogger as the default template to install.

Step 2

De-activate Mobile View
You can de-activate the default mobile view for your Blogger template in Template > Mobile > click settings Icon > select "No. Show desktop template on mobile devices." > click Save.

The reason for de-activating mobile view is to not allow Blogger to use the mobile stylings in smaller screen sizes on your store. This will remove all the shopping cart features hence it would not be available & fully functional for mobile users.

tutorial prepare custom Blogger template with shopping cart

Step 3

Cleaning Up
After install, open your template editor by clicking the Edit HTML button. Now find the widgets that was pre-installed with the default template and DELETE/REMOVE them (the codes). Use the Widget drop down menu to navigate to the widget codes. Below is the screen shots of pre-installed widgets used for Simple template and needs to be deleted.

Blogger widget drop down tab for easy widget navigation

remove attribution widget for BlogrCart shopping template
Delete/Remove Blogger Attribution widget

remove Navbar widget in blogger e-commerce custom template
Delete/Remove Blogger navbar widget

remove profile blogger widget before install e-commerce template
Delete/Remove Blogger profile widget

delete Archive widgets install custom blogger template
Delete/Remove Blogger Archive widget

Step 4

Save Template & Ready for Upload
Click "Save Template" when completed deleting the marked widgets above. The necessary indicators for deletion is highlighted for your reference.

General template clean-up is complete & now you are ready to upload your new custom template with e-commerce add-on, shopping cart plug-in pre-installed.

It is easier to maintain a clean set-up to ensure no "hick-ups" during your custom BlogrCart template install. Manually removing widgets is required if your default Blogger widgets is "locked" due to default settings by Blogger widget/gadget developer.

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