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Technical Service Bulletin # Mercedes Benz Truck GL 550 201207002B Date: 121101

Technical Service Bulletin # Mercedes Benz Truck GL 550 201207002B Date: 121101

Campaign - Retrofit Camshaft Adj. Solenoid Adapter Wire Harness

Campaign No. 2012070002, November 2012


SUBJECT: Models 164, 171, 203, 204, 207, 209, 211, 212, 216, 219, 221, 230, 251, 463

Engines 272 and 273

Model Years 2005 - 2011

Retrofit Adapter Wiring Harness on Camshaft Adjustment Solenoids


This Service Campaign has been initiated because Daimler AG (DAG), the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, has determined that due to the

settling properties of the seal, oil may leak from the camshaft adjustment solenoid. Dealers will retrofit four adapter harnesses onto the engine wiring

harness as a precautionary measure at the next workshop visit

Prior to performing this Service Campaign:

^ Please check VMI to determine if the vehicle is involved in the Campaign and if it has been previously repaired.

^ Please review the entire Service Campaign bulletin and follow the repair procedure exactly as described.

Please note that Recall and Service Campaigns do not expire and may also be performed on a vehicle with a vehicle status indicator.

Approximate number of vehicles affected shown above


1. Remove top engine cover to get access to camshaft adjustment solenoids as required.

2011 Mercedes Benz Truck GL 550 (164.886) V8-5.5L (273.963) Page 2

2. Disconnect camshaft adjustment solenoids from engine harness connectors (A, Figures 1 and 2) shown above.

^ Carefully unlock engine harness connectors (A) by squeezing and partially pulling out locking tabs (arrows) using pocket screw driver.

^ Disconnect camshaft adjustment solenoid connectors (A) from camshaft solenoids (B).

2011 Mercedes Benz Truck GL 550 (164.886) V8-5.5L (273.963) Page 3

3. Connect adapter harnesses (A, Figures 3 and 4) shown above.

^ Connect adapter harnesses (A) between connector on camshaft adjustment solenoid and engine harness.

^ Push locking tabs (arrows, Figures 1 and 2) into connectors to secure (total of 8 locking tabs).

4. Secure adapter harnesses with cable ties.


Ensure harness adapters are properly secured using cable ties (arrows, Figures 3 and 4) to prevent wire chafing and/or damage from hot

engine parts, (e.g. oil cooler [B]).

Primary Parts Information


^ Please be aware that only the part number(s) referenced in the Campaign Bulletin is/are approved for use to repair the vehicle. Repairs

performed using any other part(s) will not have been performed in accordance with the campaign. Accordingly, warranty claims submitted

with reference to an improper part number(s) will be denied.

^ The following allowable labor operation should be used when submitting a warranty claim for this repair:

2011 Mercedes Benz Truck GL 550 (164.886) V8-5.5L (273.963) Page 4

Warranty Information

2011 Mercedes Benz Truck GL 550 (164.886) V8-5.5L (273.963) Page 5