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Technical Service Bulletin # Mercedes Benz Truck GL 450 S-98_00-28 Date: 100801

Technical Service Bulletin # Mercedes Benz Truck GL 450 S-98_00-28 Date: 100801

Paint - Clearcoat With Higher Scratch Resistance

Date: August 2010

Order No.: S-B-98.00/28

Group: 98


Models 164,170,171, 203, 204, 207, 209, 211, 212, 215, 216, 219, 220, 221, 230, 251, 463

Clearcoat Paint Systems with Higher Scratch Resistance

Since June 2002, starting with the model 215, clear paint Systems with higher scratch resistance came into use. The changeover took place in the

following years and was completed by mid 2004.

From June 2002 up to 06/30/2010 with a few exception (see Table) all vehicles with a more scratch resistant clear paint system, are marked with a

"C" in front of the paint code on the model plate.

As since 2005 on all models only the scratch resistant clear paint systems are always used, the identification "C" is deleted as of 7/1/2010.

In the table below, the data for the production changeover and marking are once again listed for the period 2002 up to June 2010.

2011 Mercedes Benz Truck GL 450 (164.871) V8-4.6L (273.923) Page 135

Special protection vehicles (Guard) were painted with conventional dual-component Systems up to 01/2005 The changeover to the new scratch

resistant systems took place in 02/2005. As of this time all vehicles are also marked with a "C".

In collaboration with all of our approved paint partners suitable paint repair systems have been developed for the new clearcoat paints with improved

scratch resistance and these have been approved after comprehensive on-road testing.

All the paint partners we approve have incorporated the repair instructions and materials to be used in their repair guidelines.

These can be found on the After-Sales paint technology internet page.

The paint specialists of these companies are also available to help you on site, if required. Please remember to ensure without fail, that only these

approved refinish systems are used for paint repair.

This also always applies to Mercedes-Benz service operations that out source their paint work to external paint operators.

These Mercedes-Benz service operations are responsible for ensuring that only the approved refinish systems are used.

The application methods have not been changed.

The plastic attachment parts continue to be coated with conventional 2-K-clear coats. In the case of repair we recommend the scratch resistant repair

systems for plastic parts.

The existing sanding and polishing process has been changed. These techniques for scratch resistant paint are described in the work instructions


The process and auxiliary materials to be used and the required workshop equipment are specified in detail.

Training courses on offer

Please remember that our paint and polish partners offer a wide variety of training courses on repair materials and processes, which are normally free

of charge.

According to our knowledge the training capacities of the paint suppliers are underutilized. We therefore ask you to take advantage of the

qualifications of the paint specialists within the market. This is the only way of ensuring a smooth repair procedure, which provides customer

2011 Mercedes Benz Truck GL 450 (164.871) V8-4.6L (273.923) Page 136

satisfaction with proven Mercedes-Benz quality.

If you have any questions contact your Technical Representative.

For more information please refer the table above.