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Technical Service Bulletin # Mercedes Benz Truck GLK 350 LI82-35_P-0532642 Date: 120511

Technical Service Bulletin # Mercedes Benz Truck GLK 350 LI82-35_P-0532642 Date: 120511

Wiper/Washer System - Washer Fluid Reservoir Leaky

Windshield washer fluid reservoir leaky

Topic number LI82.35-P-053264

Version 2

Design group 82.35 Windshield washing system

Date 05-11-2012

Validity Model series 204.9 with code 875

Reason for change Picture added


Complaint 1: Leaks can occur between the cap with heat exchanger and the washer fluid reservoir, when the container is filled up

Complaint 2: Strain crack on washer fluid reservoir


Cause 1: In individual cases, cap with tolerance deviations / defective or deformed seal / uneven sealing surface

Cause 2: Production fluctuations caused thinning-out of the material in the seam area, and in individual cases, this resulted in a strain crack


Remedy 1:

Since: 04 / 2010 Washer fluid reservoir with optimized sealing surface

Since: 11 / 2010 Series production breakpoint, cap on heat exchanger as shared component from model series 251

2011 Mercedes Benz Truck GLK 350 (204.956) V6-3.5L (272.991) Page 57

In event of complaint up to VIN WDC ... ... 1F 606909 proceed as follows:

- Replace washer fluid reservoir

- Replace cap assembly with seals for heat exchanger

- Replace heat exchanger assembly for washer fluid reservoir if the old version is installed.

Because of the new cap assembly, the bar for fixing the two heat exchanger pipes has been moved down by roughly 10 mm

See Figure 1 for new version


The position of the bar for the current replacement part heat exchanger has already been changed and the previous replacement part number retained

Remedy 2: Conversion of container material to one with higher tensile strength.

Production breakpoint: To be incorporated up to the end of 2011 while retaining the previous replacement part number, following the endurance test

currently under way.

In event of crack formation complaint, replace washer fluid reservoir only!

Remedy 1 + 2


Since the start of 2011, the current replacement parts through "EPC" have undergone continuous inspection in terms of material quality by the

supplier, before and during the production process. The washer fluid reservoirs are already equivalent to an optimized series production



2011 Mercedes Benz Truck GLK 350 (204.956) V6-3.5L (272.991) Page 58