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Technical Service Bulletin # Mercedes Benz Truck GL 550 S-80_57-57A Date: 120517

Technical Service Bulletin # Mercedes Benz Truck GL 550 S-80_57-57A Date: 120517

Keyless Entry/Start - Replacement And Diagnosis Revision

Date: May 17, 2012

Order No.: S-B-80.57/57a

Supersedes: S-B-80.57/57, May 16, 2012

Group: 80

Revision a: Revised to Indicate Paper SDS Process Involvement

SUBJECT: MY-All, Models 164, 166, 171, 172, 203, 204, 207, 209, 211, 212, 218, 219, 231, 245, 251

Replacement and Diagnosis of FBS3 and FBS4 Components

Troubleshooting in the event of problems with drive authorization or access authorization has been revised:


1. Perform quick test

- Control units

- Body


- Special procedures -> "Guided test of transmitter key" or "Guided test of drive authorization system".

2011 Mercedes Benz Truck GL 550 (164.886) V8-5.5L (273.963) Page 65

2. Select the applicable problem here.

3. In the event of problems with unlocking/locking the vehicle: Carry out a guided test of transmitter key.

4. In the event of problems with starting the engine: Carry out guided test of drive authorization system [DAS]. (A guided diagnosis clearly

determines the defective part.)

These tests check the functional interplay of the electronic ignition lock (EIS), electric steering lock (ELV) and transmitter key:

- "Perform quick test"

- "Check drive authorization system (after quick test)"

- "Check individual parts of the drive authorization system:.......... after Perform quick test"


Do not replace any parts without first performing a guided diagnosis.

Both vehicle keys should be available for an efficient and correct diagnosis. Therefore, ask the customer before their appointment to make

both vehicle keys available on the repair date. If this is not possible, make absolutely certain that you have the correct diagnosis path during

diagnosis with Xentry Diagnostics. Completely carry out the diagnosis up to and including the note referring to the part to be replaced.

Implemented diagnosis steps will be stored in the EZS and ELV control units. When the parts are inspected by warranty claims, the diagnosis

steps taken by the workshop can be identified.

At the end of the respective test steps, a note with the request to prepare a printout appears on the display. This printout and the printout of the

quick test must be uploaded to Paperless SDS.

During the warranty inspection we will check whether the parts have been justifiably removed, based on the diagnosis results. If this is not the

case or if the diagnosis printouts are not uploaded to Paperless SDS, the warranty claim may be denied. The same applies when the requested

parts are not returned. All parts requested by the inspection station are to be returned according to the warranty parts return process.

These parts are explicitly excluded from the Theft-Relevant Parts Ordering Policy.