Friday, June 26, 2020

Mercedes Benz Truck GLK 350 (204.956) V6-3.5L (272.991) Manufacturer Code Page 1089

Mercedes Benz Truck GLK 350 (204.956) V6-3.5L (272.991) Manufacturer Code Page 1089 No further information available. Possible aids and their usage

Evaluation of CAN fault codes

- The control units present in the vehicle (actual configuration) are compared with the coding in control unit CGW (specified configuration).

- Filtering and evaluation of all CAN timeout fault codes present in the vehicleThe result of the evaluation leads to the required test steps.


- Aids for voltage and resistance measurement in menu item 'Measurements with multimeter on CAN network'

Measuring system

- Aid for graphic representation of CAN signal and voltage levels

- The specified characteristics shown in Measurement Technology are used to recognize changed CAN voltage levels, which can be caused by

faulty CAN components.

- Possible procedure: Disconnect and then reconnect the CAN bus subscribers at the voltage distributor one at a time.Compare the pass image

with the actual image from the oscilloscope.

Star Diagnosis CANtool

- Aids for representation of actual values and identification of bus wake-up events and bus keepawake events

Continue with button F2 No further information available.

2.1.2. Read current CAN configuration and CAN fault codes

Warning!Communication with ECU required.

2.1.3. Further CAN test options

Test Information to engine compartment CAN network

Test Measurements with multimeter on CAN network

Test Test with the aid of the measuring system